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April 26, 2018, 21:18:29 PM

Author Topic: Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada -Are there any EPIC owners here? Need help/guidance  (Read 157 times)


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You've probably seen several posts from me over the last couple of days. I've decided to hole up in a hotel and fly my husband home. (Needs to keep that job). I have to solve this PERKO - No Power issue I have after installing a new impeller. Praying if I resolve the now power issue that the impeller did the trick on the heating issue. I'm a woman. That's not mechanically inclined, but I have been doing a good job getting in tight places and figuring this stuff out with my husband.

Would love someone to connect with for advice, even local mechanics or things I can do myself immediately. Need to head home but store boat here in Henderson. Live in Utah.

Sammamish Skier

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Do you have the original perko switch on your epic. It's possible that it has failed or the battery cables have been damaged where they exit the switch. It's a really tight fit and I believe it's one of the reasons toyota changed to a different switch in later years. Removing the perko to check is pretty simple. 

I would also check the fuse for the cluster. It's right next to the perko and may have been bumped. Mine was badly corroded and I removed it  as part of an electrical upgrade.

If both of those are good. I'd check to see that you have voltage at the ignition switch. I dont have the color cide in front of me but toyota followed marine wiring color coding. If there is no viltage there check the connectors on the motor there should be two small ones on the back right of the motor. They connect to the ignition.