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Figure 11

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Figure 11

Part No.DescriptionFigureNumberOriginal PriceShipping*Purchase
MCW0010186Harness,EngineToDash,w/FuseHolder,15Pin,E21,E22,X2211 158.33 15.00 
MCW0010303Cable,Battery,E21,E22,X22,Ground,67"11 24.97 15.00 
MCW0010304Cable,Battery,E21,E22,X22,Positive,50"11 19.92 15.00 
MCW0010323Harness,SideCoaming,Stbd,6Pin,E2111 11 65.25 15.00 
MCW0010324Harness,SideCoaming,Port,6Pin,E2111 68.33 15.00 
MCW0010965Harness,DashInsturments&Switches,15Pin,99E21,E22,X2211  220.81 15.00 
MCW0011283Harness,Engine,'99&00E21,E22,X22(Pre-MelinumDash)11 181.42 15.00 
MCW0011284Harness,Main/Accessory,AllMY's,E2111 311.19 15.00 
MCW0011520Harness,MMDC,10-Pin,ComputerToDDU&Cruise11 43.72 15.00 
MCW0011534Harness,MMDC,24-PinEngineTo15PinHarness&Cruise,w/2InLineFuses11 79.25 15.00 
MCW0011792Harness,Engine,01E21,E22,X2211 n/a  
MCW0011800BreakerPanel,16BreakerIn2Rows,00,01MY(MellenlumDash)11 12 441.44 15.00 
MCW0200375Cable,Main Communication,SwitchesToDECC,45"11 52.08 15.00 
MCW0200565Harness,02,Ignition,w/12vHarness11 26.58 15.00 

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