How To - Toyota Epic Maintenance and Upgrades

Here is a collection of documents designed to help maintain and upgrade your Epic. If you run across an official TMS document not contained here, or if you've created your own maintenance or upgrade document, please email it to us and we'll add it on the site. The more community knowledge we have about our boats, the better! Thanks to all who have spent there time contributing to this website.


Maintenance and Manuals From ToyotaOwner Created Maintenance & Upgrade Documents


Hydraulic Brake Actuator Instruction Manual (PDF)

ETCS(Electronic Throttle Control System) Test Guide(LS 400) (PDF)

ETCS Replacement Guide - MDC(LS 400) (PDF)

MAF(Mass Airflow) Sensor Test(LS 400) (PDF)

Troubleshooting Guide - MDC (PDF)

Troubleshooting Guide - General (PDF)

Troubleshooting Guide - Digital Switchbox (PDF)

Maintenance Guide (PDF)

Trailer Maintenance (PDF)

Fuel_System_Guide (PDF)


M1UZ shop Manual (PDF-6.2M)

S-22 Owners Manual (PDF-26.5M)

Digital Instrument Installation Guide (PDF)

Tower and Ballast Owners Manual (PDF)

Accuski Manual (PDF)

Accuski For Dummies (PDF)

InstallationManualToyota8.5 (PDF)

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

Ballast System Replacement - Service Campaign 2008 (PDF)

TSB04-Owners_Manual (PDF)

TSB07-Tower_Mounting_Plates (PDF)

TSB08-Powder_Coat_Cleaning (PDF)

TSB52-Rev2003-Ballast_Relocation (PDF)

TSB09-Anchor_Light_Relocation (PDF)

TSB12-Carpet_Care (PDF)

TSB19-Rev1-Shower_Installation (PDF)

TSB20-Rev1-Digital_Display_Unit (PDF)

TSB21-Rev-2-Sunshade_Instructions (PDF)

TSB23-Rev1-Epic_22_Heater (PDF)

TSB24-Rev2-S22_Safety_rails (PDF)

TSB25-Observers_seat (PDF)

TSB26-Canvas_Jump_Seat (PDF)

TSB27-Bow_Cover (PDF)

TSB29-Rev1-Bimini_Top_Windshield_Mount (PDF)

TSB30-Tower_Transportation_Support (PDF)

TSB32-Depth_Sounder_w_Water&Air (PDF)

TSB33-S22_Depth_Sounder_w_Water&Air (PDF)

TSB34-Boatcover_drainage_support (PDF)

TSB35-Rev1-Speaker_brackets (PDF)

TSB36-Rev2-E22_Tower_installation (PDF)

TSB38-MY_2000_DD_Inline_Fuse (PDF)

TSB39-Rev2-Direct_drive_fresh_water_cooling (PDF)

TSB40-Hull_Identification_Number (PDF)

TSB41-Walk_Thru_Latch (PDF)

TSB42-Boat_Main_Fuse_Rewire_TSB (PDF)

TSB44-Accessory_Powering_Cycle (PDF)

TSB45-V-Drive_Winterization (PDF)

TSB 47 Trailer Winch Lubrication (PDF)

TSB49 - S22 Tracking Fin Retrofit (PDF)

TSB50-V_Drive_Fresh_Water_Cooling (PDF)

TSB52-99_Ballast_Instructions (PDF)

TSB52-99_Ballast_supplement (PDF)

TSB53-REV-EMI_Box_Relocation (PDF)

TSB55-MMDC_High_Oil_Alarm (PDF)

Parts Information Bulletins (PIB)

PIB-02-Rev1-Fuel_Pump (PDF)

PIB-03-Trailer_Brake_Lockout (PDF)

PIB-04-Diagnostic_Card (PDF)

PIB-05-Tower_Speaker_Brackets (PDF)

PIB-07-Tower_Service_Parts (PDF)

PIB-09-Engine_Rain_Cap_Standoff_Brackets (PDF)

PIB-10-Owners_ Manual (PDF)

PIB-11-Decal_Replacement (PDF)

PIB-12-Decal_Replacement (PDF)

PIB-13-Transom_Decal_Replacements (PDF)



Pulling A Stubborn Prop (PDF)

Repairing/Replacing Rudder Assembly (PDF)

Changing Spark Plugs (PDF)

Epic Winterizing Procedure-Direct Drive (PDF)

Annual Vdrive and Driveline Maintenance (PDF)

Fuel  Filter Replacement (PDF)

Blower Replacement/Upgrade (PDF)

Shaft Repacking from the source

Impeller Replacement (HTML)

Speedo Troubleshooting (HTML)

Trailer Maintenance-Bleeding Brakes (HTML)

Trailer - Bearing Replacement (PDF)

Upgrade Procedures

Perfect Pass Install (Progress) (PDF)

Toyota Seat Letter Replacement (PDF)

Battery Isolator (HTML)

Ballast System (HTML)

Installing a swivel seat (forum)

Wiring Diagrams

DECC Wiring Info (including ballast) (PDF)

Wiring Diagram-vdrive (PDF)

Accessory Harness (PDF)

Engine Harness (PDF)

Loaded Panel-Front View (PDF)

Panel Switch Assembly (PDF)

Shroud Drive Loaded (PDF)


Perfect Pass Bracket dwg (PDF)

Epic Ballast Calculator (XLS)